Being Fat!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Peeps

Being fat is FAT really a word i wish it wasn’t as i have was always been  called fat my whole  school life which made me feel so great about myself NOT .

I have always been on the Large side .

I remember one day after school i came home ran up to my bedroom and prayed to god to make me thin like the model i saw on tv as i couldn’t take being called FAT and UGLY anymore i was made to hate myself which looking back was so sad .

Years on from then i still am fighting with myself on certain things i not happy with

So from tomorrow 6th feb 2017 I’m starting the silmming world diet plan with help from friends and family i no i will get to where i want to be .

I need to lose at least 6 stones which then will be a healthy weight for me .


Please dont get me wrong i love who i have become a beautiful plus size woman but for health reasons i need to lose weight.

And i want to take you lovely people on my journey with me .

Im going to be uploading weekly diet videos on my channel


and on here I’m going to be recording my weekly progress and how I’m feeling and if i have lost anything and so on

If your interested in chatting with me dont forget to comment below


Click the link to my channel dont forget to subscribe


Helen x



An appeal and £20 and under Christmas Gift Guide 2016




Omg !!!!!!!!!!! Its the 1st of December which can only mean one thing (getting excited jumping up and down in my living room).

 Its Christmas count down woohoo I’m sorry guys but I love this time of year putting up the Christmas tree wrapping the presents making my house look warm and wintery making plans with my family  for the big day but I also get really sad thinking out though familys that find Christmas a hard time of due to no having enough money to there kids just one present as they just about have enough to feed there kids and keep a roof over there heads magic radio have a appeal  this year we can make a difference all you have to do is buy one extra toy in your Christmas shop and drop it off at your local wickes store show you care and make a child smile this Christmas .








Ok thank you for sticking with me while I shared an important appeal .Now on with the gift guide.


Helen x






Emilia Silver Personalised Bangle By Bloom boutique £18.00 sold not on the high


2.Get the look gift set £20.00 sold at next


3. My Warpaint Canvas Make Up Bag £6.00 sold at


4.Emma Hardie Amazing Face Merrily Moringa £15.00 sold at space Nk



5.Becca Glow On The Go £20.00 sold at space Nk


6. Zoella Let’s Go Places £20.00 sold at Superdrug


7. Tanya Burr ‘Sealed With A Kiss’ Cosmetic Bag Set £12.50 sold at superdrug



8. Therapy Libby foldable washbag £14.50 sold at house of fraser



9. La Roche-Posay Effaclar 3-Step Anti-Blemish System £22.00 sold at feelunique

and yes its alittle over but I couldn’t help it sorry x



10. Womens 2 Fold Lizard Purse £7.20 sold at peacocks


I really hope this guide helps give you some ideas what to buy your loved ones this Christmas . please find below website links

If you want to no more about giving a toy to the magic appeal or for more information go to



My visit to JO MALONE (Mini Review)





Hi friends


It was my 32nd birthday tuesday just gone 14th october 2014 and my granny booked us both in for a pamper at jo malone in westfield east London

and i wanted to share with you guys my time at jo malone .


When we first got there the nice lady talked about there wonderful perfume they had there and what was in them which i must say some was great .

Then we was sat down and asked what perfumes we liked of the range then we was given a little bag to put are watches and rings in while they did the hand and arm massage which took about 10 mins then my gran surprised me with a bottle of my fav jo malone perfume






You can book in for a hand and arm massage at your local jo malone and its FREE

Please find below some photo from my time there









I hope you enjoy your mini read next blog post is going to be on monday and its going to be my birthday



Big hugs




10 Minute Makeup By Boris Entrup



i was in the book shop the other day with my mother and came across a book called 10 minute makeup and any girl who wears makeup on a daily bases would be like i wonder if that book is true to its word .


so i picked it up and walked around the shop with it in my hand thinking am i wasting my money can you really put makeup on for the day in 10 mins i even said to a lady who worked at the book shop do you think this book is true and she said i have read this book and followed some of the looks and yes it took me just under 10 minutes .

that got me thinking even more i now just wanted to buy the book and get it home so i could try  it out .

before i go on maybe i should tell you a little about the person who put the book together he’s name is Boris Entrup he’s the resident makeup artist on germanys next top model tv series and exclusive make up artist for maybelline .

now you no who was behind the book i going to finish where i left off .

got home and pulled the book out the carrier bag and sat down with my mum and started planning wot looks i would try out 1st and wot ones i feel you guys would love the must .

i tried  3 looks out and omg they not only made me look fab they only took 10 minutes

so I’m going to put a look on here from the book for you guys to try out and if you like go buy the book its really worth the money .

i did take pics but i don’t no why my sd card won’t upload to my mac book so i can’t use them grrrrr never mind .


Soft Romance 


1. Eyeshadow

Apply the eyeshadow with a large rounded brush over the upper lid when the is open the colour should be just visible the highest point of the eyeshadow should be above the pupil .



Using a lighter shade of eyeshadow highlight the inner corner of the eye apply eyeshadow over the entire lid blending upwards to the brow line along the lower lash line apply colour from the inner corner only as far as the pupil .



apply powder blusher to the centre of the cheekbone blend it upwards to the hairline the downwards to  blend in the edges .

if there is a line simply smooth it over with your finger .



for a natural look choose a shade similar to your lip colour

to make the colour last longer powder your lips after applying the lipstick then apply another coat


now guys get to work with that fab look tweet me you finished looks to @makeupgirlyuk #fablips

and also guys if you found that you love the look the book is a much have cost me £12.99 from any good book shops


hugs M X





The Beauty Scenario Tag

Hi Guys

Lately i have been enjoying some other bloggers  beauty tags so i have put a few i liked together and for the next few days I’m going to be adding them.

this one i think is by Lilly Pebbles




1.You have to get rid of all your foundation and you can only keep one high end and one drugstore which ones do you keep? Lancome Teint Miracle 24h and Bourjois Healthy Mix.

2.You go for an interview and the lady interviewing you has lipstick on her teeth do you approach the subject or ignore it completely? i would ignore it completely.

3.You”re not feeling yourself and need a pick me up which lipstick do you put on to make yourself feel beautiful? Mac Hue.

4.You go back in time for a day to your teenage years,how would you do your hair and makeup differently. i didn’t start wearing makeup till i was around 20 and but hair omg was so short i looked like a boy so would have to say grow it longer lol. ask your hairdresser for a shoulder length pixie lott hair ,but they hear wrong and give you a pixi cut,do you say thank you and leave and call your mum hysterical.B.cry in the chair and things get awkward or C.complain to the manager and demand a refund .? I would run to my car and call my mum hysterical.

6.Your friend surprises you with a 4 day city break and you have 1 hour to pack which palette do you pack in your makeup bag.?Naked 3 palette.

7.Your house has been robbed don’t worry everyone is safe but your beauty stash has been raided what is the product  you hope is safe.Hourglass blushes .

8.Your friend borrows your makeup and returns it in awful condition do you A.just pretend you haven’t noticed B.ask them to repurchase it or C.secretly do the same to something of theres.I would have to ask them to sort out my makeup and if they couldn’t ask them to go and buy a new one for me .

hugs x


Summer Lovin Tag

Hi guys


I watched a vlog today by fleur deforce called the the summer lovin tag .

I loved watching it and thought i would do one for you guys


Questions And Answers 


1.Summer lipstick you’re loving?  (Hue by mac)


2.Summer nail polish you’re loving? (Gel nails by Avon)


3.Bikini you’re loving this summer ?Liz Mcclarnon by fashion world 


4.Favourite summer frappuccino from starbucks?caramel latte 


5.Favourite fake tan?i don’t use fake tan 


6.Favourite summer song?happy pharrell williams 


7.Favourite summer accessory? fiat 500 LOL


8.Favourite summer fragrance/perfume? English rose by English laundry 


9.Favourite summer book/mag?Glamour mag


10.What are you most excited to be doing this summer?Going to the isle of wight with family


I tag you all to do the summer lovin tag



hugs x




My Top Five Face Products (June 2014)

hello guys

today I’m going to be talking to you about the products i.e foundations and CC creams I’m using on my face and loving on a daily bases

1.Soap and Glory make yourself youthful cc cream in colour (goodnight)

omg this cc cream is great one of my friends got it and couldn’t stop taking about its amazing multi-action tinted moisturiser hydrates, brightens, primes, helps even out skintone, protects, softens visible flaws and provides super-natural colour coverage and it smells real good . cost £14.00 boots

2.Mac studio fix foundation  in colour (NW15)

Mac is a well know brand with huge followings so you wouldn’t expect any less from them this foundation is great for the heavy coverage days its also very build able and lasts all day cost £21.00


3.Avon idea flawless cc cream

Lightweight formula that helps conceal flaws and acts as a high-performance, nutrient-packed serum i have re ordered this product it costs 12 pounds for a 30ml and comes its a few colours.

4.Bourjois 123 perfect in colour light vanilla

with this product its does what it says on the bottle it gives a flawless even complexion* for 16hrs,

Yellow pigments: Anti dark circles
Mauve pigments: Anti dull complexion
Green pigments: Anti redness
24hr hydration and anti-shine: cotton flower extract

light to med coverage

cost £10.99 boots

5.Avon idea flawless foundation in colour light pink

Full-coverage creates a virtually undetectable veil of natural-looking, flawless perfection*. Skin feels moisturised and looks great

cost £12.00



hugs x


my first vlog outside day out with the girls

it was my grans birthday yesterday so we took her out for the day and i took you guys with us i hope you enjoy