Being Fat!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Peeps

Being fat is FAT really a word i wish it wasn’t as i have was always been  called fat my whole  school life which made me feel so great about myself NOT .

I have always been on the Large side .

I remember one day after school i came home ran up to my bedroom and prayed to god to make me thin like the model i saw on tv as i couldn’t take being called FAT and UGLY anymore i was made to hate myself which looking back was so sad .

Years on from then i still am fighting with myself on certain things i not happy with

So from tomorrow 6th feb 2017 I’m starting the silmming world diet plan with help from friends and family i no i will get to where i want to be .

I need to lose at least 6 stones which then will be a healthy weight for me .


Please dont get me wrong i love who i have become a beautiful plus size woman but for health reasons i need to lose weight.

And i want to take you lovely people on my journey with me .

Im going to be uploading weekly diet videos on my channel


and on here I’m going to be recording my weekly progress and how I’m feeling and if i have lost anything and so on

If your interested in chatting with me dont forget to comment below


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Helen x



Living A Dream !!!!!!!!





Hello Friends


Im so so sorry i haven’t been making blogs or vlogs its because i have had this flu thats going around


But to show my heart and soul is still in to it here my first ever promo movie


Don’t ever forget i love you all very much šŸ™‚


Big Hugs



Loom bands

Hi peeps


first i must say how sorry i am for not writing a blog post and big thank you to you all for sticking by me its been an odd few weeks any I’m back now and I’m starting off with something i have been doing the last few weeks while i haven’t been blogging and thats making things from rubber bands and its called LOOM this wonderful creature is hitting the world in a big way all the shops you go in have something to do with loom i have made bracelets .

now i want us all to try are hands at making a Baby Mouse out of loom bands i have a how to do part coming up in this blog all you guys have to do is Ā one make sure you follow me on twitter then tweet me a pic to @makeupgirlyuk #loombabymouse and i will pick the best loom and send the winner a loom kit worth 10 pounds please don’t sent your personal details over the open net i will tweet the winner and dm there details good luck too you all this closes on theĀ  30 september 2014 at 12 midnight


i did not make this video i have taken it off youtube to help you guys




hugs M