Make Up Revolution fabulousness!!!!!!!!!

Hey friends

Happy new year to you all I truly hope you all had a wonderful Christmas that’s if you celebrate it if not i still hope you had a fabulous break .

Also seeing the weather this week i hope when you go out you wrap up warm .

Let’s get on with the fun part the makeup ūüíĄ.

I cant say i have in the past got a lot from this brand i do have one or two eye palettes and a blush palette but that’s it .

But for Christmas my sister only went and got me a fabulous Makeup Revolution 12 Days of Christmas Storage Chest”with loads of there beautiful products in and omg i cant believe i have waited this long to open it but i knew you guys would want to share the beauty bliss moment with me .

But i would like your help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m going to share with you what came in the box and what my first impressions are and then i want you guys to comment on the products you have tried from this brand and how they make you feel when wearing them and how they live up to ur expectations.

As I haven’t used this brand a lot before and love listening to other peoples views.But I have tried out few bits on this collection and put what i thing .

What we waiting for lets go !!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the first one i have pulled out is

Pro Go Brush Set

I haven’t had time to try these baby’s out yet but going by what i have tried from this brand they will be fabulous.

Eyeshadow Palette Matte (18) Eyeshadow Palette Shimmers (Night) Eyeshadow Palette Matte (Forecast)

This brand and eyeshadow palettes are so good, all of them have excellent dupes for more expensive brands, high pigmented and easy to blend. They are so affordable I cannot rate them high enough,

Blush Palette (Dream)

There a real bright & vibrant pink colours they makes a great contrast with a grey/black smoky eye it has a nice pigmentation to it with great staying power & goes on easy with a blusher brush.

HD Pro Brow Palette

This brow kit exceeded my expectations. ¬†I was not expecting the shadows and wax shades to be so pigmented and the range of colours are lovely. The 2 highlighter shades are nice too however I wasn’t too keen on the wax highlighter.

Ultra Strobe Balm Palette

I’m yet to try and cant comment but i cant say how pretty they look and how I’m so excited to try

Aqua Priming Base

I find that it is really hydrating for my skin & helps with the application of my foundation!.. I use to pay loads at Mac but from now on I’m sticking too this baby

Make Up Fixing Spray

It is easy to use and definitely sets makeup and keeps it looking freshly applied for several hours. I highly recommend this fixing spray and as a bonus it comes in attractive packaging. It’s a must try

Ultra Strobe Cream

Tried this product out for a week, rather than repurchased MAC strobe cream and I was surprised. The product it’s self smells amazing, is so smooth and makes your skin incredibly soft and of corse it is also quite glowing on the skin. I’ve found I also like to blend it into my foundation too for a more dewy look. Overall the product is great and great value for money

Eye Primer
Lip Gloss set  (Euphoria /Amlification /Sheer )

I cant comment as I’m yet to try but once i do i will do a review x
Ok so that’s a wrap
Thank you so much for your support in 2016 and i look forward to another fabulous year with you

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Big Hugs
Helen x


wanting Something So Bad!!!!!

Hello people


Long time no blog posts sorry for that things round here have been some what crazy to say the least.

Lets go back 16 years ago i was a 17 year old girl who wanted so much out of life but there was one thing i wanted more then anything and that was my ¬†full driving licence so i asked my mum and dad to booked me some lessons in all i had around 25/30 when my inspector told me i was test ready but needed to pass my theory test before i could do the driving test itself so i booked it didn’t read any booked because in my head i knew how to drive so didn’t need to .

The day came of my theory test i must say i was a little scared but in all was feeling ok i got to the test centre booked in and waited to be called in i was in there about 1hour i then came out the room and waiting to see if i had passed my name was called and i was given a bit of paper which told me i hadn’t passed .

So i went home and booked another test for a few weeks later and again i didn’t pass i was starting to get really upset about .after my 3rd time not passing i just gave up and only drove the car when my sister was with me that went on for 16 years until the end of last year when i was asked what i want to come out of 2016 and i said I’m going to pass my driving test and this time I’m going to pass .

so i went off and booked in with a driving school did about 6 lessons when i was told i didn’t need anymore lesson as i could drive so i went off and booked my¬†theory test but this time i did loads of homework before hand hours at a time .

So the day came of the theory test and i was feeling really scared but i told myself its my time to pass that test i was called in told to seat at a number i cant remember and that i had 1 hour i think they said to finish the test .

so i sat down at the desk and told myself helen there is no going back now you can do this so i started the test and 45 mins later i had finished i got up and walked out the room and was told to go to the other desk for my papers i remember walking down this little walkway came to the desk and gave the lady my name and she passed me a while bit of paper i opened and all i remember seeing was passed in big black letter i could have cried on the spot but i didn’t .

I went home and booked my driving test went on a few more lessons and took the driving test and didn’t pass 1st time bit i went back in august this year and guess what i only went and passed my driving test after 16 years.


What I’m trying to get at is if you want something that bad and you work hard your get it in the end .

So never give up on your dreams cause they do come true sooner or later



Big Hugs


Helen x