Simple Eye Make-up Remover

Hello People


Its been a while and i cant say i havent missed you all its been a odd few months

A few days ago i lost my glasses couldn’t find them anywhere looked high and low no glasses to been (seen) HE HE HE HE HE.

So i had to make an appointment to see my optician where she gave me an eye test .

And i was so shocked to find out that she found out i have blepharitis which i must say i didn’t have a clue what that was .

so she explained Blepharitisa is a common condition where the edges of the eyelids (eyelid margins) become red and swollen (inflamed). Blepharitis can develop at any age, and symptoms can include: itchy, sore and red eyelids that stick together. crusty or greasy eyelashes. a burning, gritty sensation in your eyes.

This meant i had to change and start an eye routine day and night for the rest of my life  which entails an multi action eye wash systane eye drops hot compress and blephaclean wipes .plus i had to change what i clean my eye makeup off with .

So i went in to sainsburys while doing my shopping and picked up Simple eye makeup remover.

Here is where my review comes lol .

I just used simple eye makeup remover to take off todays makeup and wow two hard wipes and the makeup was gone i still cant believe it and it also didn’t hurt my eyes .

I think if your having trouble or your bored of your eye makeup remover you should try Simple its fab.




Being Fat!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Peeps

Being fat is FAT really a word i wish it wasn’t as i have was always been  called fat my whole  school life which made me feel so great about myself NOT .

I have always been on the Large side .

I remember one day after school i came home ran up to my bedroom and prayed to god to make me thin like the model i saw on tv as i couldn’t take being called FAT and UGLY anymore i was made to hate myself which looking back was so sad .

Years on from then i still am fighting with myself on certain things i not happy with

So from tomorrow 6th feb 2017 I’m starting the silmming world diet plan with help from friends and family i no i will get to where i want to be .

I need to lose at least 6 stones which then will be a healthy weight for me .


Please dont get me wrong i love who i have become a beautiful plus size woman but for health reasons i need to lose weight.

And i want to take you lovely people on my journey with me .

Im going to be uploading weekly diet videos on my channel


and on here I’m going to be recording my weekly progress and how I’m feeling and if i have lost anything and so on

If your interested in chatting with me dont forget to comment below


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Helen x


Make Up Revolution fabulousness!!!!!!!!!

Hey friends

Happy new year to you all I truly hope you all had a wonderful Christmas that’s if you celebrate it if not i still hope you had a fabulous break .

Also seeing the weather this week i hope when you go out you wrap up warm .

Let’s get on with the fun part the makeup 💄.

I cant say i have in the past got a lot from this brand i do have one or two eye palettes and a blush palette but that’s it .

But for Christmas my sister only went and got me a fabulous Makeup Revolution 12 Days of Christmas Storage Chest”with loads of there beautiful products in and omg i cant believe i have waited this long to open it but i knew you guys would want to share the beauty bliss moment with me .

But i would like your help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m going to share with you what came in the box and what my first impressions are and then i want you guys to comment on the products you have tried from this brand and how they make you feel when wearing them and how they live up to ur expectations.

As I haven’t used this brand a lot before and love listening to other peoples views.But I have tried out few bits on this collection and put what i thing .

What we waiting for lets go !!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the first one i have pulled out is

Pro Go Brush Set

I haven’t had time to try these baby’s out yet but going by what i have tried from this brand they will be fabulous.

Eyeshadow Palette Matte (18) Eyeshadow Palette Shimmers (Night) Eyeshadow Palette Matte (Forecast)

This brand and eyeshadow palettes are so good, all of them have excellent dupes for more expensive brands, high pigmented and easy to blend. They are so affordable I cannot rate them high enough,

Blush Palette (Dream)

There a real bright & vibrant pink colours they makes a great contrast with a grey/black smoky eye it has a nice pigmentation to it with great staying power & goes on easy with a blusher brush.

HD Pro Brow Palette

This brow kit exceeded my expectations.  I was not expecting the shadows and wax shades to be so pigmented and the range of colours are lovely. The 2 highlighter shades are nice too however I wasn’t too keen on the wax highlighter.

Ultra Strobe Balm Palette

I’m yet to try and cant comment but i cant say how pretty they look and how I’m so excited to try

Aqua Priming Base

I find that it is really hydrating for my skin & helps with the application of my foundation!.. I use to pay loads at Mac but from now on I’m sticking too this baby

Make Up Fixing Spray

It is easy to use and definitely sets makeup and keeps it looking freshly applied for several hours. I highly recommend this fixing spray and as a bonus it comes in attractive packaging. It’s a must try

Ultra Strobe Cream

Tried this product out for a week, rather than repurchased MAC strobe cream and I was surprised. The product it’s self smells amazing, is so smooth and makes your skin incredibly soft and of corse it is also quite glowing on the skin. I’ve found I also like to blend it into my foundation too for a more dewy look. Overall the product is great and great value for money

Eye Primer
Lip Gloss set  (Euphoria /Amlification /Sheer )

I cant comment as I’m yet to try but once i do i will do a review x
Ok so that’s a wrap
Thank you so much for your support in 2016 and i look forward to another fabulous year with you

I have a YouTube channel if you fancy popping over and having a look and subscribing and liking
Big Hugs
Helen x


Living A Dream !!!!!!!!





Hello Friends


Im so so sorry i haven’t been making blogs or vlogs its because i have had this flu thats going around


But to show my heart and soul is still in to it here my first ever promo movie


Don’t ever forget i love you all very much 🙂


Big Hugs




Loom bands

Hi peeps


first i must say how sorry i am for not writing a blog post and big thank you to you all for sticking by me its been an odd few weeks any I’m back now and I’m starting off with something i have been doing the last few weeks while i haven’t been blogging and thats making things from rubber bands and its called LOOM this wonderful creature is hitting the world in a big way all the shops you go in have something to do with loom i have made bracelets .

now i want us all to try are hands at making a Baby Mouse out of loom bands i have a how to do part coming up in this blog all you guys have to do is  one make sure you follow me on twitter then tweet me a pic to @makeupgirlyuk #loombabymouse and i will pick the best loom and send the winner a loom kit worth 10 pounds please don’t sent your personal details over the open net i will tweet the winner and dm there details good luck too you all this closes on the  30 september 2014 at 12 midnight


i did not make this video i have taken it off youtube to help you guys




hugs M



Anti Bullying Blog


hey guys

I’m doing a blog post about bullying to help stop it for good


when i was 13 i was bullied at school for being plus_size they made me hurt myself it got so bad i stopped going to school for about 2 years which didn’t help me later in life but i knew i was safer at home so didn’t care about school but then i started hiding away from all my friend and family cause i didn’t think anyone liked me and i wasn’t a nice person i was worthless .

about two years after not going to school the council sent a schools officer round to try and get me back in to school and i wasn’t having any of it i told them i would run away so they sent me too child support centre where i saw a really nice man called mark and he talked with me and made me understand that bullies are just people that get a kick out of hurting someone else and also some of them  aren’t happy with there lives .

he made me start to like myself and like who i was growing in too he then talked to me about going to a special school called a special learning centre where i would have 2 and a half hours of schooling a day 5 days a week so i said i would try it out and i loved it and went all the time the only down side was that because it was a special school they i didn’t  leave there with GCSEs you got wot they called like GCSEs

i went on from there to work in hairdressing for a year but worked out is wasn’t for me so i left and was out of work for sometime then got a  housing job  and was there a year nearly i loved the job so much and guess what happened i started to get bullied again being called shit at my job and worthless all because i can’t read and spell and had to use a recorder  then even when  my contract ended they didn’t re knew it so that took me back to rock bottom and then i started having panic attacks and anxiety attacks and was told by my doctor i had panic and anxiety disorder and  i have now been given med to help me with  my disorders but they will never go away there is  good news i started blogger from home last year about beauty and being plus size and doing that has in powered me to start loving myself again yes ok I have my off days but who dont and i no i won’t work again as its too much for me but i have my blog page and can help you guys who’s being bullied just like i was and  or just having a bad time .


i have contacted a anti bullying charity to offer my services as i feel like i could be helping to stop bullying so i will let you guys no when they email me back

please find below details of where you can get help

or you can also call or email

ChildLine | 0800 11 11
ChildLine is the free, confidential helpline for children and young people in the UK. You can talk to ChildLine about anything & no problem is too big or too small.

Samaritans | 08457 90 90 90
Samaritans is for anyone who is suffering and needs to talk, including for those feeling suicidal. You can talk about anything you want to, you don’t have to tell them your name and they can even call you back if you want. Call 08457 90 90 90, or email

i hope my blog post helps




makeupgirly x


panic and anxiety my story

hi peeps here is a vlog about my disorders i hope they help you understand it pls like and comment


makeupgirly x