welcome too my blog makeup skin care and fashion page my name is helen and im 31 years old from london .and love being a plus size

in case i forget to say my sister lisa writes up all my posts on  due too my dyslexia i talk it she writes it thats what i call TEAMWORK

i have a panic and anxiety disorder that gets me down sometimes i stayed in for over two years and i only go out with a family member  and or i have planned the route and worked myself up thx to my blog page i have been able to go places and meet new faces and they have allowed my family member to tag along so i can do the events

i first started my blog page because i needed something i could do from home and my mum readed in the paper one day about blogging and how much fun the people get out of it .so she told me about it and myself and my sister looked in to it and with big big big thanks to my sister my blog page and makeupgirly was born

i hope you enjoy the ride of a life time

god bless

helen x


1. My blogs are for informational and entertainment purposes only and when in doubt readers should seek help from professionals in the field in question .

2.when a company sends me a product of any kind  i will review it and do a blog post on it and say what i truly think of it and will always tell my readers when items have been sent to me .

3. i do not want paying for my blogging at this time  so pls don’t ask me I’m doing as a hobby

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