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Finding the right kind of makeup brushes is another kettle of fish altogether as the good quality ones are ridiculously expensive and the cheap ones are bad quality. However, a few brands have been able to bridge the gap of producing high quality brushes which are affordable and easily accessible. Nanshy Brushes,  are one of the few makeup brush brand that ticks all the boxes when it comes to producing soft high quality, affordable and cruelty-free brushes. I was very excited when i received the Nanshy Professional Makeup Brush Set called the masterful collection because i had read many good things about them. In the set, you get 12 brushes which include a Angled Detailer brush Crease brush Blending brush Contouring brush Blush brush Powder brush Stippling brush Foundation brush Shader brush Pencil great for blending out eye liner you also get liner brush and a lip brush 

Another plus about this brand is its a Cruelty free beauty brand  which means

No animals testing All there brushes are synthetic and vegan friendly

I would like to thank Nanshy for sending me there brushes which are going to be a big part of my day to day makeup routine

The masterful collection is £49.95 and you can pick it up at nanshy.com



Big Hugs





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