Hello Friends


I was laying in bed and it came to me and made me think about how lucky I am to be loved and cared for and how there are so many people out there just wanted a hug or a kind word and how people like me take what we have forgranted its really made me feel really sadfor them people I drove passed a homeless woman today and thinking back all she wanted was a warm dry safe place to sleep one where people didn’t walk passed her and just look down to her where has the caring world gone where as the love for each other gone .

We all need  to help make the world a better more caring place for all walks of life when you are out and about say hello to take homeless person help that old lady across the roadleft that car out of the side road give way to that bus let that lady cross the road .

What I’m trying to say is if we alldo good the world would turn and been a better place for all .


Big Hugs


Helen x



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