hi guys

this review is another skin care product i was given at the anti ageing show and because i had so many skin care products to try i asked a family friend if she would like to guest blog for me and she replied with omg i would love too so i gave her a few products and asked her to pick one and she picked skin pep anti ageing 12 hour defence serum i then tad her she had to try it for two weeks then do a blog post on it so she went away and did just that (please note the lady doing this blog post is over 45 and didn’t want to be named ) so before i let her loose on my blog page I’m just going to tell you what skin pep say you should do with this product .

apply 1-2 pumps one on each fingertip to clean and slightly wet skin touch fingertips of both hands together massage serum over face and neck starting at the centre outwards .

ok now I’m handing over to my guest blogger !

alittle bit about me I’m nearly 50 years old and really try looking after my skin as best as i can but i seem to be getting the old skin lines as i call then lol 🙂 .

so when makeupgirly asked me to guest blog i jumped at the idea as i wanted to see if i could find something that could help give my skin some ageing defence .

thats why i picked skin pep .

my first week using skin pep serums have change my life in a good way

after just one week i starting to see those fine lines fade away so i used what i had left which took me to 11 days using it and wow wow wow i look 20! again ok ok ok I’m pushing it abit now lol 🙂 but it did make me look and feel a little younger plus my friends and family was commenting saying how good my skin looked so thank you skin pep I’m going to be buying your skin care from now on so ladys pls try this skin care cause you won’t look back .

my big thanks go to makeupgirly for letting me loose on her wonderful blog page

big hugs x

thank you guest blogger you did a fab jobs .

and guys if you want more info about skin pep here is there web add

also you can buy the anti ageing serum in 3 sizes 7ml /30ml/50ml prices are on there website


thx you for reading


makeupgirly x


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